Rohana Darlington


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Welcome to my gallery. Click on the images below to view my artwork.


These pieces were inspired by the changing seasons in Cheshire and the Peak District where I live.

Penines in the Snow

Pennines in the snow

Floral Studies

My garden is the source of creativity for these.

Lilies and Peonies

Lillies and Peonies


I love textiles and my work in fashion and art therapy has developed this        further. Many of these designs from my books have an ecological theme.


Tara Irish Knitting

Tara Irish Knitting

Sacred Art

Religious symbolic art has always moved me; here I express some of my own spiritual feelings using different techniques.

Angel of the Peace

Angel of Peace


Seascapes inspire me because of the ever changing light over water.

Tara Irish Knitting

Imminent Storm


Buildings allow me to appreciate how the manmade landscape blends into nature.

Tara Irish Knitting

Shepherd's Shelter




These pieces are inspired by the River Itchen, a beautiful chalk stream in Hampshire.





The Source of the Itchen at Kilmeston


The Source of the Itchen at Kilmeston