Rohana Darlington


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Boatman Billy


This 24 page 1018 word illustrated picture book is aimed at children aged 3 – 8. There are 12 full-page illustrations including the cover and 12 small inset illustrations including one for the Title Page.

Set in the world of inland waterways, this is the story of Boatman Billy and his dog Trigger’s adventures on his narrowboat Nina as he attempts to deliver a cake in time for a wedding party.

The story gently conveys the benefits of narrowboat transport in an era of congested roads and warns against the damaging results that careless disposal of litter can have on the environment. The illustrations feature traditional narrowboat folk-art, waterway scenery and includes characters inspired by people who live by the canals.

This book will soon be available either by downloading it or as a printed copy. Watch this space for further details.